Fire vs Montreal: A Day of Soccer, Music, and Diversity
  • Don't stop living in the red this Saturday:

    • Pre-match live music tailgate!
    • Fire vs Montreal!
    • Post match reggae party at MayneStage!


    THE CROMBIES invite you to the official Section 8 Chicago post match party at Mayne Stage on Saturday September 28th! See 1960's Jamaican ska & reggae legend Derrick Harriott backed by The Drastics - get 2 tickets for the price of one with promo code FIRE ! The party goes until 3 am with the city's best vintage ska/reggae DJs, then come back Sunday at 2 PM for the "Legends of Ska" documentary film at no additional cost. Brought to you by Mayne Stage, Jump Up Records, The Crombies. and Section 8 Chicago.

    Use the promo code "fire" to get 2 tickets for the price of ONE! Effective NOW!

    Use the below link:
  • That's a whole lotta good stuff!

    Flatfoot 56

    The Crombies

    Brick Assassin

    Top it off with some sweet (2 for 1) reggae vibrations... deluxe!

    Derrick Harriott

  • What time does music start before the game? Where is the stage going to be?
  • Don't forget to buy your ROAR tee during pre-sale....A limited number will be made for gameday sales so don't miss out. The S8C store is just one click away


  • Great cause, Three great bands, 3 different genres, Ska/reggae/ Oi/ardcore/  Punk Looking forward to it. Maybe we can add one of the many Latino punk bands/Ska to give it some variety in musicians and appearance. Great job setting it up
  • image

    Kickin up dust at the tailgate:

    and post match reggae party at MayneStage:

  • In the spirit of Pride Night and Rock Against Racism lets have a show of our diversity at this match.

    If you have a flag of your ancestry/ origin bring it. Need a pole to fly it on? S8C can help you out at tailgate.  Wanna buy a Fire or Chicago flag? We got a guy! 

    City flags, nation flags, pride flags, BIG flags, lets get them all flying and show the Fire some hometown support in what is another huge match! Spread the word. 
  • That, was RAD. Thanks to the organizers and bands.

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